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Original Artwork

1.  Why can't I buy original artwork online using Rivet's shopping cart?
Rivet takes great pride in supporting the artistic careers of those who work with us and entrust their creations to our care.   As a result, we take a more personal approach to artwork purchases than we do with other goods.   Since Rivet focuses on showing and representing investment-grade original works of art in the genre we love, we think fellow collectors find this touch preferable to an impersonal online shopping cart.

2.  How should I contact you if I'm interested in a piece of art?
Rivet is happy to handle artwork inquiries/purchases via phone (614-294-8697, during business hours) or email (all hours), with us responding to any artwork inquiry received within 24 - 48hrs. All contact regarding a particular piece of art will be handled on a first come, first serve basis, so please be confident that once you have contacted us with your expressed interest in a particular piece, we're not going to accept another offer until we have given you a reasonable amount of time to make a final decision.

3.  Does the cost of the artwork include shipping?
No, original artwork prices include only the artwork itself.   However, a shipping quote can and will be provided upon the receipt of any expressed interest in a particular piece(s).

4.  Where does Rivet ship artwork?
Rivet ships artwork worldwide, just as we do our other goods.

5.  How will original artwork be shipped?
The shipping methods used to ship original artwork will depend on working out the best shipping quote for the customer, with an eye towards ensuring the maximum safety of the artwork while in transit.   We have shipped artwork using all major shippers, but on occasion some artwork has required us to use special third-party shipping companies to properly handle extremely fragile works.

6.  When can I expect to receive my artwork?
Artwork from our current gallery show will be shipped following the end of the exhibition. Otherwise, artwork from previous shows will ship out as soon as payment has been received and we have secured the proper shipping materials.

7.  What happens if my original artwork is damaged in transit?
If you're confident your purchased artwork was damaged in transit, please contact us as soon as possible with all pertinent information, including detailed pictures of the damage.   Please, in all circumstances, do not attempt to fix the artwork before consulting us.   Rivet has access to members of the local artistic community who are skilled in restoration techniques in addition to having easy access to originating artists.   As such, Rivet would like to attempt to co-ordinate any potential repairs before asking a customer to take matters into their own hands.   If the damage is serious enough to warrant a shipping claim, Rivet will also assist the purchaser in filing any required claims with the proper shipping providers.

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