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12.7.2015 : As you can tell, we don't need to use the news section on our website anymore since social media essentially serves the same purpose. Follow us on facebook and instagram to keep up to date with all Rivet happenings.
1.26.2012 : Currently an issue with the shipper selection for web store orders. Issue being looked into and will be fixed as soon as possible. Apologies for this mishap and thank you for your patience. In the meantime, please email me with any questions or concerns.
4.20.2011 : The Shadow Serpent Dunny by Marka27 is now available.
4.13.2011 : Rivet will have a table at the Columbus Doll Show this weekend at Aladdin Shrine Temple near Easton. It is on Sunday, 4/17 from 10am to 4pm. If you plan to be there, stop by and say hi.
6.24.2010 : Come visit our booth at Comfest! Located near Park St & Goodale Ave-our booth faces Park St.
6.24.2010 : Rivet's brick and mortar location will be closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Come visit our booth at Comfest! Located near Park St & Goodale Ave-our booth faces Park St.
8.11.2009 : Rivet will be hosting an official Kidrobot Dunny Series 2009 Trading Party and Pre-Release on Wednesday, September 9 from 6pm-8pm. Come out and see all of the new Dunny designs and trade with other toy collectors. This is our first official Kidrobot event and we hope you will come out and celebrate with us!
3.26.2009 : Ok, so we don't update our "site" news very often. That's because virtually all our news comes out on the various social media networks and our mailing list. So, if you want to stay up-to-date with what's going on at Rivet, you can Join our mailing list or follow/join/watch us on one of the following social/media networks:
Or, you can review us on Yelp if you like as well :)
10.5.2008 : Thanks to everyone who came out to the Noxious Fumes show last night! It was a great opening night, and two of the artists, Meghan Green and Andy Clarkson were in attendance. If you didn't get a chance to see the opening, check out the show before October 29th whether you're in Columbus or just passing through.
8.6.2008 : Posted the preliminary list of artists participating in October's Noxious Fumes show today!
7.6.2008 : Thanks to everyone who came out for Daniel and Emma's opening. If you didn't get a chance to see the opening, there is still some work available and as always, you can check out the show during it's run in the gallery. Check out the pictures on the show's opening page to see the installation. Our webstore will be unveiled soon, we are trying to wrap to construction of it as soon as possible, plus adding a new intern to help with organizing our online presence.
4.6.2008 : Opening night pictures for both March and April's shows have been posted, including the individual pieces still available for sale from Terribly Odd's opening. Make sure to check them out!
3.27.2008 : Though we've not made a lot of news posting as of late, much has been going on at the space. Thanks to everyone who came out for the March show, the turnout was very good, and it was fun to show portions of various Columbus collectors prized possessions. We ran a short show of course because we're re-doing the wall for future hangings, so it's been more real construction and less web construction to date. But, never fear, we are closing in on store opening date quickly so stay tuned!

We just posted the bios for most of the artists involved in the May show so check them out if you're not familiar with the participants. As always, if you want to find out more about participating artists' previous works, check out the links to their websites on our links page. With the new wall going in place as we type, we've got some great shows lined for the rest of Spring and on into Summer so be sure to come out for the openings!
2.4.2008 : We had a great turnout for the Heartland show that included almost every artist that participated. We've posted a few pictures we took during the evening, plus we posted all of the pictures of the artwork itself (found some other pictures of the show here :) ). Heartland will be up until the 27th, so come check the show out if you couldn't make it to the opening.

If you haven't got the chance, make sure to read Jeremy Nichol's interview that Vinyl Reqiuem did with Jeremy after his show at Rivet. You can still catch Jeremy's work at Rivet hanging on our salon-style wall.

We also just unveiled that last scheduled show for 2008, it's a two-person exhibition with Atlanta's Charlie Owens and Spokane's Jim Koch. So we've now officially published all of the shows for 2008, but we're still adding names to the two groups shows set for the second half of '08. There are also some really great ideas we're tossing about for group shows in '09, but we're not spilling the beans on those yet! ;)

Last, but not least, our friends at Vinyl Reqiuem have started a Rivet flickr group, so if you bring your camera to our openings and snap some photos, feel free to post them to the Rivet group! :)
1.21.2008 : Hopefully everyone had a great holiday because we've been extra busy at Rivet getting exhibitions booked all the way into 2009. Currently Annie Owen's show is hanging in the gallery, so check out her pieces on the site, or come in if you're in the Columbus area. Our sponsors over at Vinyl Reqiuem did an interview with Annie based on her exhibition with us, so check it out over on their site if you have time. Rivet also garnered an article in the Dispatch this week, so if you get the paper, look for us in this past Thursday's Weekender!

Be sure to check out our upcoming exhibition lineup for 2008, we've got great ones scheduled with outstanding artists participating. We'll be releasing the details on our two group shows for the second half on '08 later in the year, but we've got a lot of great artists coming together in two group exhibitions (Heartland & Down The Bunny Hole) for the first half of the year. Excellent solo and two-artist shows are also the schedule, so mark your calendars to attend the openings if you're local. We've got even more surprises for '09, but we're keeping those under our hat for now. :)

Our next exhibition, the Heartland group exhibition, showcases 23 Ohio artists and opens February 2nd. Until then, take care and stay warm! ;)
12.21.2007 : Details for Annie Owens' show have been added to the site. We hope everyone has a happy holiday!
12.6.2007 : Pictures from Jeremy Nichols and Mar Hernandez's opening are now posted. Thanks to everyone who came out for the opening, the work was amazing, especially Jeremy's paintings on slate. Pictures of all of the pieces can be found here.
11.7.2007 : All of the show peices are now posted on the Stuff This! show page. If you are interested in purchasins a piece, please give us a call at the gallery during normal business hours. :)
11.5.2007 : Pictures from the Stuff This! opening night have been posted. We'll be putting up the pictures of inidividual pieces for each artist either tonite or early tomorrow.
11.2.2007 : Stuff This! opens tomorrow and you don't want to miss this show. The stylistic variety of stuffed plush that the artists turned in to be shown is amazing and has to be seen in person, so if you're in the Columbus area, make sure to come check it out!
10.7.2007 : Opening night pictures for Jill Penney and Daniel Torrente's show are up today, so check them out. We'll be posting detailed pictures of the pieces soon for anyone interested in purchasing a piece from the show, so check back soon!
10.6.2007 : Jill and Daneil's show opens today with wall hangings, freestanding sculptures, and even rubber stamps so if you're in Columbus, make sure to check it out. We'll be open until 11pm
9.27.2007 : Show flyer for Jill Penney and Daniel Torrente show posted along with some teaser pics of the show here! We will be unveiling an enahncement layout soon with more features for searching for artists work in addition to toys we will have up for sale online. Stay tuned! :)
9.3.2007 : Matt from Vinyl Reqiuem helped us put together a video of the show and the hanging so we've added that to the opening night page,for Sharon/Trevor's show so check it out!
9.2.2007 : Opening reception pictures from Sharon & Trevor's show have been posted here. Pictures of the individual pieces that are still available have been put up on the show page here. :)
8.18.2007 : Details posted about Sharon Bell & Trevor Zammit's show here. We also added a press section where you can find links to media or scanned articles that have covered our shows. :)
8.6.2007 : Opening reception pictures for Daniel & Jenna;s show posted here. A large number of people turned out for the reception so we were really excited. Vinyl Requim came early and helped take some of our photos, plus some of the artists from Evolved Tattoo came to check out the show and take pictures as well. A good time was had by everyone involved. We'll be posting the lineup for the rest of the year soon, so stay tuned!
7.26.2007 : Opening reception details for August show posted here. Also, the UPS store that just opened in the Short North on High agreed to cover the shipping of the Gimmeshelter show to its next stop on the tour, so we are extremely thankful for their support!
7.9.2007 : Opening picture for Gimmeshelter posted. Check them out :) More details on upcoming shows to be released very soon.
6.22.2007 : Gimmeshelter show information has been added, so see what's coming in July. Updates to the site are happening every day or two, so check back often :)
6.18.2007 : Inaugural Art Show pictures are up, so check them out!
6.1.2007 : Rivet opens its doors to the public.

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