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Bob's Burgers

Rivet Exclusive Cover Issue #1

Now Showing:

January 3rd - 31st

I Am Doll Parts: Angie Mason + Crankbunny + Mab Graves

Featuring the art of:

Angie Mason
Mab Graves

Coming Soon:

February 7th - 28th

Be My Valentine Group Exhibition

Featuring the art of:

Roland Tamayo
Jeff Lamm
Johnny Yanok
Renee Lawter
Jeannie Lynn Paske
Sharon Dorsey
Nathan Jurevicius
Jason Mowry
Tim Lee
Andrea Kang
Mizna Wada
Steve Ehret
Abril Andrade
Jenna Colby
Vanessa Ramirez
Patrick Wayner
Dylan Garrett Smith
Angela Oster
Scott Santee
Sugar Fueled
Heather Gargon
Eric Blair
Dino Nemec
Aaron Kraten
Devin Reese
Jonathan Queen
Ben Ervin
Emma Overman
Liza Corbett
Mac Sorro
Kelly Denato
Matt Hawkins
Paul Moschell
Elizabeth McGrath
Cutmaps - Dan Linden
Jason Limon
Sabrina Von Netzer
Charlotte Belland
Tara Helfer
Greg Ham
Tyson McAdoo
Dominic Damien
Patrick Maxcy
Juan Lara III
Tony Kern

Upcoming Exhibitions:

March 7th - 31st

The Art of Brooke Rothshank and Kevin Winter

Featuring the art of:

Brooke Rothshank
Kevin Winter

Upcoming Exhibitions:

April 4th - 29th

The Art of Jose Pulido

Featuring the art of:

Jose Pulido

Featured Toys/Art

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The Care Takers Burden   Bookmark and Share Rivet Exhibition

The Care Takers Burden

Angie Mason

hand cut giclee print on arches 140lb paper, board, decorative paper, glaze, brads, and string

10.00in Wide x 14.00in High

Original art for Rivet's 01/15 exhibition...


Outfit Selection: British Nerd   Bookmark and Share Rivet Exhibition

Outfit Selection: British Nerd



Outfit includes: Eye Glasses, Hair Ribbon, Ribbon (x3), Cardigan, Shirts, Denim Short Pants, Socks, and Shoes...


Random Toys/Art

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Everything That Creeps Standard Edition   Bookmark and Share Rivet Exhibition

Everything That Creeps Standard Edition

Elizabeth McGrath

La Luz de Jesus

**SIGNED COPY!** Everything That Creeps:The Art of Elizabeth McGrath: 128 pages/full color...


Wizard #2   Bookmark and Share Rivet Exhibition

Wizard #2

Robyn Von Swank

Framed in a black wooden frame

8.00in Wide x 10.00in High

Limited edition #1 of 100...


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